domingo, 16 de março de 2014

Been away for a while.

Hi guys, last week I have promissed you that I will start posting more often, but I had a troubled week.
My kitten got sick last week, with a problem in her uterus.

She had to go to surgery and the rest of the week I had to treat her like a baby to make sure she recovered fast and well, like strugleing to give her meds, feeding her and so on.

Now she´s totally fine. 
They removed her uterus and ovaries, now she is like a little child always looking for a dose of pampering. 

I love my "Magui" (it's her name). 

This week I hope to go to the gym a bit more because I'm feeling out of shape, let's see.

I really hope to do a couple of things this week, I'm a bit bored to just work eat and sleep. I need new things to feel alive.

Have a nice sunday and see you soon.

(Sorry about my English I know I made some mistakes, please correct me if you see any).

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