quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2015

1st week

Hello guys. First of all I want to say that I'm still in shock of what happened this week in Paris.
This is a lifestyle blog but I can't go without saying that I'm with all the world united against this terrorist attack.
I also wanted to say that it's surreal that in 2015 people still want to live in a state of ignorance. I mean, now every one of us have access to everything, from news, history, culture, in a distance of a click as we say in portuguese. So why using religion to hide their own identity problems? 
Don't these people realise that we are all going to die sometime and it's all over? Why still living in hate? We only have one chance, one opportunity, let's use it in a good way. 
This is what I wanted to say.

Well, this is my first week in full power since 2015 has started.
I try to be loyal with my goals, but I'm failing sometimes. I'm not perfect just like anybody else.
I'm starting my new job, but I'm still in negotiations of what I'm really going to do and so on.

In college, I have a test next week, and I'm feeling a bit of pressure for the first time. I know I said last year that I was going back to study in a "hobbie" way, but right now I want results, and I want to be the best, so I think I need to focus more on that. 

I'm training hard this week. I started a new routine, and I'm happy with it. I don't want to get big, just want to be in shape and have some strength. Let's see how this goes.

In my next post I will talk about my cooking skills and dishes. As always nothing sophisticated but nice stuff.

Until then, have a nice week, keep positive, avoid fear and celebrate life.
See you soon.
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