sábado, 3 de janeiro de 2015

Happy New Year

Hello guys.
I hope you had a great holiday and I wish all but the best for 2015.

Usually, when a new year begins, we set up new goals, new routines, and so do I.
Maybe in two weeks I'll give up but right now I want to share with you some of those goals that I decided to achieve this year.

First of all, I will try to post more often and in English, so I can reach more public who want to read about a normal life of a 27 year old man. 
Please feel free to correct me. Give me some feedback.

I decided to learn German. As you know I like to learn new languages, just like an hobbie. Well, this year is German year.

I will try this year to go more often to the gym. I want to weigh 65 kilos, so I really need to train hard.

I'm going to conclude my degree in Accounting, but that's a goal I don't have a choice to fail.

I want to travel more, read more books, party hard, and so on and so far. Just like you and anybody else.

But my main goal, is to be happy, to feel good with myself, physically and psychologically. I think this is what we really need to have a great year. 
Be kind to everyone, even those who want you down and sad, because what goes around always comes back around, and as I grow old, I really feel that. We got what we give, so give good vibes and feel good with yourself. 


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