sexta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2015

What a weak week.

Hi guys, hope you're good.
This week was one of those I hate. I'm in final exams time, so right now I only live to study and go to the gym.
I didn't go out because I need to stay focused. And I really want to leave my stress away, but during the week is impossible and on weekends I work so, I don't have time. HELP ME.

Tomorrow, in my city, PORTO there will be a Flea Market that I use to go sell things, this time although I can't do it because I couldn't change my shift at work. Oh well, I have two partners that I know they'll make a good job selling our stuff.

I hope next week I can go do something instead of being home all day and night and going out just to go the gym, and have something interesting to share with all of you.

Until then I'll share some pictures of ... guess ... ... Right! FOOD.

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See you next time. Bye :)

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